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 DnD: level Zero C-4 Ep-2

-Passed Down form Rian.

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DnD: level Zero C-4 Ep-3

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hopefully you found this page by honest means, but if not oh well, your here now. the intent of this page is to have a place where we as fellow artists can express ourselves in whatever means we all agree to. I will shut it down if this page becomes bully or propaganda, but for now I will post any interesting posts, videos, or articles that I am sent on this page first, all posts have been put up by me please feel free to email me directly between the hours of 12-4pm weekdays with any concerns and I will ignore all my emails equally and may even get around to reading yours if it is a slow day. I want to try and fairly represent everybody's art as best I can (I'm no artist) and I feel it is important to have a place where we can all come together and grow as a community. the first post on this page is my only attempt at art, I call it the finger shredder Tim and it is satire. it is a broken shot glass and should be used by no one for any reason, ever. feel free to make one yourself, you can find the video below. Enjoy. :)

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